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Finally back on the saddle, we pedalled for another impressive (for our standards!) 50-60 km around the island of Ærø.

We had rented our cruiser bikes from a family-run kiosk and gas station (Nørremark Cykel Forretning, Møllevejen 77, 5960 Marstal). No ID proof needed. You can easily return the bikes outside opening hours by simply locking them at the dock station and leaving the keys inside the letter box. Easy!

There are a few other places on Ærø where you can rent your two wheels. Check them here.

There are three main cycling routes on the island (N8, 91 and 92). Check this map and follow our journey.

Our starting point was Græsvængevej (2 km west of Marstal). We followed route 92 (green), which, from Kragnæs to Ærøskøbing (7 km) is restricted to cars. It’s a peaceful, scenic cycling route along the northern coast.

We reached the town of Ærøskøbing and bought some pastries from Hansen Bageri, Vestergade 62, 5970 Ærøskøbing. Please be advised that small local shops, such as bakeries, may only accept cash or Danish cards (this only applies to a specific local circuit!). Be ready to withdraw some cash, if needed. There is only one ATM in Ærøskøbing and it’s located by the harbour.

We continued from Ærøskøbing to Søby, along the N8 (red). You will find clean toilets on the way as well as picnic and camping sites. Some 12 km in, around Leby, we crossed the island and cycled around Vitsø Nor lake, south of Søby. On its banks cows were idly grazing. The road is for the most part unpaved here therefore you will need to cycle carefully, especially if you don’t have mountain bikes. We made our way back – this time on the southern side of the island, along route 91 (green – partly unpaved). The route stretches for 30 km from Søby to Marstal.

Before entering the town of Marstal, the road climbs up rather steeply requiring good legs. Since we were too tired to even attempt, we turned left onto Ronæsvej and in less than 10 minutes we were back to our accommodation.

It was a long tiring day but the scenery really made up for the effort as we were surrounded by nature: the green of the pastures and the luxuriant vegetation, the shades of blue of the sea, the white “marshmallow-y” clouds and the bright warming sun..
Wildlife abounds here too: we were pleased to see butterflies, swallows and frogs.

If you need to rest your legs, Ærø offers free bus rides. There is room for a maximum of three bikes at the rear of the bus.

Once we returned our loyal cruisers, at dusk, we went for a brief walk to deserted Marstal, a fishermen’s village on the eastern end of the island. If you visit during the day, stroll down from the old church and stop at the maritime museum, Marstal Søfartsmuseum.

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