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Hvide Sande

We drove two hours from Alken to Hvide Sande, on Jutland’s Western coast. If you like surfing, we would recommend moving up North to Klitmøller, which is also known as “Cold Hawaii” as it is surfers’ territory there.

If you’d rather stop at Hvide Sande, you still have a few options. As it is located right on the coast you can visit the sandy beach. If it’s a sunny summer day, you may even get a tan. However the waters of what looks more like the Ocean rather than the North Sea may still be too cold to swim in.

There are windsurfing opportunities in the Ringkøbing fjord that may entice you. Hvide Sande in fact lays on the very mouth of the fjord: it’s a very thin stretch of land populated mainly by fishermen. And if fishing is your jam, you can rent all the equipment and gear and join the locals around the harbour.

Alternatively, you can rent a bike as we have done: the only rental place located in Hvide Sande is Seaside Safari & Shop.

Seaside Safari & Shop

Practical info for Seaside Safari & Shop

Address: Mamrelund 1A, 6960 Hvide Sande, Denmark

Price: DKK200 for one day

Opening times: Mon- Sat 10am – 4pm

If you fancy a bite to eat we would suggest to stop at one of the local røgeri (smokehouse) to buy smoked fish. The produce cannot be any fresher as they fish it right outside.

Returning to our adventure, we rented two cruiser-bikes, sturdy hybrid bikes with gears and coaster breaks, which are very common here. With this means of transportation we tackled the windy Danish flatlands from Hvide Sande down to picturesque Bork Havn skirting the western and the southern side of the long Ringkøbing fjord.

A small fishing village with a placid harbour, Bork Havn also features a Viking museum, Bork Vikingehavn, where you can experience life in Viking times, and an amusement park, Bork Legeland, which you may want to visit if you’re travelling with kids.

We did cycle for a total of over 60 kilometres. If you have more time and energy, try cycling all the way to the natural reserve of Skjern Enge, near the town of Skjern.

Our stay (two nights):

Surfers Paradise Apartments

Address: Kirkevej 15, 6960 Hvide Sande, Denmark

A far more basic stay which did make us miss our previous accommodation. We’ve especially found that the instructions to get the keys to enter the apartment were not too clear but it was probably also due to our lack of experience in distinguishing letter boxes from key boxes, especially as the latter were partially hidden from view. Other than that, we spent two decent nights.

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