Hi there!


Our names are Claudia and Silvia. We’re Italian but we’ve been living in London, UK for over ten years now. Call us “migrants”. Call us“Europeans”. Whatever floats your boat.

Why a travel blog?

We started this travel blog as a way to help other fellow travellers find travel insights and ideas based on our very own personal experiences. We hope to appeal to a crowd of like-minded individuals – the kind who think that travel is the best way of learning, understanding and ultimately respecting other cultures.


Our inspiration

The original name for the blog was Pausaniastravel: it came from a chap named Pausania, a geographer and writer who, thanks to his travels and his written recordings, made it possible to document how most of Ancient Greek appeared before the Romans took over. He meticulously described what he saw. If it wasn’t for him, for example, we would never have known – not until many years and studies later at least – that the Parthenon was painted in bright colours and that it contained a giant gilded statue of Athena. Interesting, eh?


Our aim

Even though we had to change the name to make it more appealing, we will follow in Pausania’s footsteps: we will try to describe as best as our writing skills will allow everything we will see in our explorations. We will not lesinate to include useful and very practical info on how to make the best of your journey. Rest assured that the wise advice comes from lessons learned on the road, from our own silly mistakes.


Our travels

We are adding more material as we further explore our beautiful planet. If we are yet to cover a certain destination, please bear with us as we are currently (legally) seeking for fresh funds.

Full disclosure: we tend to want to travel comfy, therefore it may take us longer to retrieve the money necessary to cover the expenses.


Our reviews 

I believe in second chances, more so than Claudia does, therefore I’ve decided not to include bad reviews. We will simply talk about the good experiences we’ve had.

We will nonetheless point out whether we’ve encountered difficulties or issues anywhere along the road, hopefully saving you time and money.


A word of advice

One thing is reading content, maybe even from this blog, and planning your trip based on useful info you’ve scouted around; another thing is actually exploring the places yourself. Do write about it. Do make memories.


Drop us a line, or two

Do feel free to ask questions, point out mistakes, suggest other places to visit, foods to try, regions to explore, adventures to undertake.

Don’t be rude though, pretty please?


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